CoverMe Medical - World’s first ‘professional specific’ connected opportunity platform

CoverMe Medical has gone live for registrations this week. I am so proud of the team in bringing the product to life. See it at

So what is the product all about.

What does CoverMe Medical do?

The product and platform CoverMe Medical allows the connection of work to occur in a seamless and efficient way.

By registering your interest you will be part of the growing database of connected medical professionals in your area. This allows you to connect with opportunity and to find people that can cover your lists.

How will it work?

All interactions are via your smartphone. You can log in via the web also to ensure that all your requests for work are visible and can be responded to.

How much does it cost?

The platform is currently free. We want all medical professionals to connect and interact and provide feedback on how it works to improve your professional connection.

Contact me at to ask more questions.

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