On Dissent

I have always been impressed with the work of Steve Blank. His books on the lean business model and the concept around finding and proving your business model really resonates with me. His post here really hits the mark.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. They are artists not conformists. They try and find solutions and better ways that are often not traditional. They are frustrated with the “way its done” and seek to change the status quo.

Creativity is born out of dissidence. Dissidence means “protest against official policy”. The concept of official policy has never resonated with entrepreneurs. They know that just because a policy exists doesn't mean it works well or is effective or should even exist in the first place. This is where the entrepreneur comes in.

Changing a process and improving it for the better is one way to dissent. Offering a solution for an existing problem, repackaging it and delivering it to the market is one way to disrupt and show dissent. The other way is to change the game entirely by turning on its head the very thought or concept and create a “reality distortion field” around a team that can deliver is the real mark of a dissident entrepreneur.

Providing an environment where dissident thought is respected allows for disruptive change that supports new innovation and the chance to build something awesome.

We think like this everyday at Mobito and I am privileged to have a great team that works in the furtherance of dissent. Support dissent and change the game.

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